Monday, November 8, 2010

Hey Look, I'm Updating!

Well, I figure it has not been almost a year since I last posted on my blog, so I've got some catching up to do. That pretty much isn't going to happen completely, but I can at least give you some sort of update as to what is going on in the lives of the Farnsworth family.

So, as an update to my last update...We finally lost our house and are now back home with Spencer's parents. It is actually working out really great for us. They are awesome and Bentley LOVES them. It's giving us an opportunity to pay off some debt and get our little family somewhat settled. Spencer is finishing up the season of mowing with his brother-in-law and is nearly halfway through his second year of school. This semester has been pretty stressful for him, but he's doing great and I'm so dang proud of him. I'm back at Gold's Gym after a short stint working with the Idaho National Guard Family Programs.

Bentley is AMAZING!!! We sure do love him. He's getting ready to turn two in a few weeks and is the smartest stinking kid ever. His nursery teacher at Church said he should be the one teaching :) He can count to fourteen on his own and will actually count items instead of just rattling off the numbers. He knows his shapes, some letters, the colors brown and blue (everything else is green), and how to follow directions--when he's in the mood to obey. He says "Please", "Thank you", "No way, thank you" (instead of just "no thank you"), and "You're welcome". He says new things everyday and surprises the heck out of me every time. And he speaks clearly, which is FABULOUS! He has no interest in potty training and loves to watch movies, but he's awesome and we love him.

And the last item of business for the day....
We are expecting a baby boy come March. I'm due the day before my birthday, March 19, and am feeling pretty well. I went to the Doctor today and everything is going perfectly. We were totally surprised to be having a boy since everyone, included us, all thought it was a girl so we have no idea for names, but we are still excited and I think it will be fun for Bentley to have another boy to play with since he is such a BOY! He loves cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, trains, explosions, dirt...all that boy stuff. We are excited to meet this little man and see how much he turns out to be like his brother! As far as belly pictures, since that always seems to be the next question....I'm not showing yet, so you're not getting any. I push sideways and back before I push out so I look like I gained about 15 pounds (which unfortunately I have), but I don't look pregnant at all. Sorry.

That's about it for us, though. Who knows, maybe I'll make a habit out of posting more often.

Probably not, though.

Happy day!!!!


Kadie and Jacob said...

FINALLY! Ha. I'm one to talk. I'm kind of over my blog. I just keep it to see other people's cute stuff and updates. And yay for yours! I'm glad things are going well and I can't wait for little "yet-to-be-named" little brother to come along!
Miss you guys!

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

congrats on your soon to be little boy! William (my son) was born the day after your birthday :) And I was due march 18th... :)

sorry to hear about your home :( but happy to know you and your family are doing so well now! :)

good luck with everything!