Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Day

So, Memorial Day is coming up this weekend so we are heading out to the cabin with some friends of ours. The reason I'm posting about this now is because I'm afraid that if I don't do it now while I'm thinking about it, then it just won't happen at all. And the reason that this is even post-worthy before it happens is because of what takes place during this weekend. BENTLEY TURNS SIX MONTHS!!!!! I cannot believe that my little baby will be finishing the first half of his first year of life. My goodness!!

Bentley's life of an almost-six-month-old consists of sleeping 8-10 hours per night, although (unfortunately for mom and dad) the last few hours of that seem to end up in Mom and Dad's bed. That's mostly my fault, however, since he wakes up before I want to and I know he'll go back to sleep if I just snuggle him with me. Oh well, I really don't care too much. He also enjoys his nightly dinner of rice cereal. That little boy is such a champ with food. He loves it and I know he cannot wait until the doctor gives the okay for him to enjoy other foods. He is always trying to grab for my spoon, or my plate, or my glass...basically whatever he can get his hands on. He is rolling over from back to belly all the time, usually when I'm trying to change his diaper, however. He finally starting pushing up when he's on his tummy about a week ago and has rolled over a couple of times from belly to back. We're still working on that one, though. We also discovered that Bentley is awesome on road trips. Last weekend we went with Uncle Rod, Uncle Drew and Aunt Karen to see Dave Ramsey in SLC. We left at 6am, traveled until about noon, sat in an arena full of people from 1-6 and travled back home until about 1am. Bentley did such a good job. He didn't really start complaining until we were almost there and he had been in his carseat for 6 hours. Then, while there, he only freaked out twice from the noise and then slept through parts of it. Such a great kid. Then, after a cold bottle since he was so impatient, he slept the entire way home. Overall, it was a great Saturday. Spence and I thoroughly enjoyed Dave and are so excited to stop being poor.

Bentley talks all the time, but generally with his fingers in his mouth. And he loves to sing. He sings himself to sleep sometimes. It's the cutest thing ever. He smiles at everyone, loves being tickled and gives the cutest, slobberiest kisses in the world. I live for them. His favorite place to be is snuggling in someone else's arms. He holds onto anything he can get his hands on when he's really tired. He spits ALL THE TIME!!! The doctor said he just eats too much. Go figure. He loves to play in his walker (and generally will only poop if he's in there, weird). He loves hanging out in just his diaper, although he rarely gets to do that. He loves to go for walks, but only if he can sit up and look around at everything. His favorite toys consist of a water bottle, a diaper (clean one), his wipe box, and paper. He'll chew on anything, especially Mom's hair. Oh, and he scratches at his legs when he's tired. He also is obsessed with watching TV.

Oh, and our latest development in the life of an almost-six-month-old....Bentley seems to have begun teething. He's not really super grumpy, but his face is constantly covered in either snot or drool. He's finally taking after his mother (My nickname as a kid, given by my mother, was "snot face"...go figure.). We can't really feel any teeth poking, through, and we'll find out for sure after our trip to the doctor next week, but this is what we're figuring. Yipee!! I say this now as Bentley is sitting on my lap, chewing on the table the computer is on. Silly goof.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the next post. In my adventures in facebook stalking I found a cake I really wanted to make but couldn't figure out what to make it for. I decided I'm going to make it this weekend at the cabin for Bentley's half-birthday. Of course, he won't be enjoying any of it until a few hours later via mom's milk, but I'm excited for it.

As always, we'll end with a picture!!!

Bentley was about a month old or so in this picutre. I love it. He has always made some of the funniest faces due to his overly active brow line. Too funny!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cute Little Boy

I feel like I should be posting since I haven't put anything on here in a bit, but I don't really know what to write. So, just for fair warning, this may end up being boring.

Bentley is still as cute as ever. He was playing around in his crib the other day so I could finish getting ready since he was grumpy if he was in the same room as I was, but he was fine if he was away from me. Go figure. So he was naked (diaper only) in his crib talking to the polka dots on the wall and eventually started fussing, so I finished getting ready and went to get him. When I put him down he was on his back with his head pointing north and his toes pointing south. When I went to get him, he was on his belly with his head facing south and his toes pointing north. What a goof. He pretty much did the same thing laying on the floor earlier this evening. He started on his back on a blanket and ended up on his belly totally off the blanket. Oh, and he finally rolled from his belly to his back without any help. He couldn't figure out how to do it again, but that's okay. It's progress. The silly little boy just won't put his arms underneath of him when he's on his tummy. Here's a picture or two to prove it.

Oh, and Bentley had his first experience in the grass in these pictures. He was such a champ. He ate it. Cute kid. And in case you aren't on facebook and you're wondering, these pictures were taken by a lady in my ward who is incredibly awesome. Her name is Shandy Vogt. We finally decided to get some professional pictures taken and Bentley did AWESOME!!! So did Shandy. Here are the rest....

He's such a cute kid, isn't he?? I sure love him!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wahoo!! I'm actually posting again!!

So, remember how I said that I was creating my blog for my own selfish purposes?? Well it is totally true. Case in point...I get on my blog everyday, but only to see if anyone else has posted something for my blog-stalking pleasure. I forget that the purpose of me having a blog is so that others can blog-stalk me. So, fellow stalkers, what is it you seek?? Would you like to know what I have been doing with my life?? Well, Saturday was our third wedding anniversary. What did we do, you ask?? We "fixed" the yard, hopefully. Apparentley we housed bugs in our yard last year that decided to feed on the roots of our grass all summer long. We tried to pull out some of the dead grass and it just kept coming, along with the dirt to which it was connected (I use the word "connected" very loosely). So, after tearing up more than half of our lawn, we put down some top soil and patch, then just seed and fertilizer in other areas. We'll see if the "fixing" works or not. We've been talking to our brother-in-law to figure out how to make our house look better. Since we've lost so much value in our home over the past two years, we're trying to love the one we have since we'll be stuck here for awhile. So we're going to plant flowers and a new tree (since our other one died and we're required by the HOA to have three...whatever) and maybe make a water feature or something. We shall see.

Okay, new topic. For those of you who have not heard this story yet, the night of Thanksgiving last year (three days after Bentley was born) someone tried to get into our house...through our bedroom window. I had just finished feeding Bentley, who was sleeping in the bassinet by our bed at around 3am when I heard something right outside our window. I sat up and turned the light on, we heard a small crash and within seconds the normally quite neighbor's dog began barking. Spence grabbed his pistol and went searching the house but found nothing. The next morning I looked out the window and found that our screen was on the patio and our window was open about two inches. Pretty freaky, huh? Well, several weeks ago I was heading out of the house and found the screen to our living room window on the grass. Normally you would think that's not a big deal, but those screens are difficult to get out and the wind could not have done it, so we figured someone had tried to get into our house again. Needless to say, Bentley is five months old and still sleeping in the bassinet by my bed. He woke up this morning and I went to pick him up and found his head turned almost completely sideways with his face pressed up against the head of the bed. Poor thing is just too big for that bed anymore. So, Spencer and I got boards to put in all of our windows and Bentley will now begin sleeping in his own room. We'll see how that goes. Now that he's past his growth spurt and back to sleeping through the night we should be okay.

Oh, and our last topic. Bentley and I had some pictures taken a couple of weeks ago and I found out on Sunday that they are ready. So when I go get them I will post some (fingers crossed). Anyway, this is the end of my second blog posting. More to come?? We shall see. For now, another picture!

Happy Day!!!