Friday, November 26, 2010

It's about dang time!

So, for those of you who know anything about Bentley, you know that he needs two things to fall asleep: A good snuggle from Mom and a pacifier. I always thought that I would be the mom whose child would never have a pacifier, but things never quite work out the way you plan. And with all the moves and being sick and whatnot, there just never seemed to be a good time to take it away. Well...Last Saturday at work, I decided to be nice and let Bentley have his pacifier a few times, even though we were down to only at bedtime or nap time. He had only gotten about 8 hours of sleep and was having a really rough time at work. Well then he decided he needed to have it all the time again. And he would throw huge fits when I said no. So I decided I was done. I cut the tip off of one on Tuesday and he has since hated it. He still will ask for it, but I tell him it's broken and show it to him, and he then tells me to put it away. The first few days were rough-ish (not as bad as I thought they would be), but he would only nap in the car. I personally did not plan on driving around for twenty minutes every afternoon just to get my two-year-old to fall asleep. So naps have been rough. BUT....on Wednesday night, his birthday, Bentley fell asleep in his own bed with no pacifier, no crying, no snuggling, nothing!! It was AWESOME!!!! We started making him go down without any snuggles a few weeks ago and he did pretty well with that, but I was totally shocked at how quickly he picked up on going to sleep without a pacifier. Today, however, was the first time he took a nap without needing to drive around.
I love this boy. He is growing more and more everyday. As am I. It's truly amazing how much you learn as a mother. Even if you are stubborn and take forever to actually do anything with it. Oh well, I still love every day of it!!
Oh, and in other baby news....This child moves around so dang much. And apparently he lives on my bladder (Bentley lived in my rib cage). Yay!.....NOT! That's really about it, though. This has been a pretty low key pregnancy (fingers crossed it stays that way). I'm finally started to show, though, thanks to turkey, rolls and pie. Mmmmm....I love pie!

Happy Day!

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