Saturday, December 12, 2009

Military/House Update

So I have a lot of updates in the works here. Give me some time and I'll post them for you. I just put the pictures on the computer (by myself, thank you very much) so I'll get them going on here soon (fingers crossed).

I just thought I would give everyone a quick update on our house and Spencer's Military situation.

I left to go to my parent's house at the end of September with Bentley. We had a showing on our house the day before I left and apparently the woman put an offer on the table. After about four days and $17 later of sending out faxes, we got all the necessary paperwork in to get the sale finalized. We were set to close November 15, so we had a lot of stuff to get ready. The offer was only $2000 less than asking price, so we all thought it was a done deal. WRONG-O!!!! The bank countered the offer by nearly $20,000 so the buyer backed down. Duh! We were back to square one. The bank realized they had pretty much shot themselves in the foot by doing that so they told us to increase our asking price by $3000 and we could put it back on the market. Well, there hasn't been a whole lot of activity since then so we ended up dropping it back down to our original price and we're going from there. It's kind of nice to be in our home still for the holidays, though.

As for Spencer's Military's a no go. For those of you who don't already know this. Spencer had a mild heart issue when he was younger. This caused him to come home from his mission early to have a procedure done to basicall "zap" the extra electrical connection he had that caused half of his heart to race while the other half beat like normal. He is completely fine now and we have had no issues with it since. So, after five months, they finally agreed to give us what we want and have Spencer see a cardiologist to get the all clear. And that's exactly what happened. The doctor said he saw no issues with Spencer joining. However, the National Guard Board felt differently and denied Spencer. We were super bumbed because of all of the opportunities this would provide for our future, but hey, we'll survive. And now Spence is just concentrating more and more on school. He changed his major to be a Gym Teacher!! I love it!!! He eventually wanted to be in administration, so this is perfect for him. He gets to go to school in his PJs and run around everyday.
Oh, and a side note for me....I have an interview on Monday for a promotion at work. I'm pretty stoked. I'll keep you all posted. It's for the Lead, which is basically the assistant to the director for our location. YAY!!!!

Have a happy day!!!!


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Mama Jane said...

This little guy of yours just keeps getting cuter and cuter by the day!! Love his smiles!!