Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So Spencer and I have been keeping things kind of "hush, hush" in our lives lately. We just figured there was no reason to share information about things that might not end up working out. Well, now that things are alittle more on the "for sure" side, I figured I would give you all an update into what was happening in our lives. Beware: this post will be fairly random and all over the place.

Within the last two weeks Bentley has finally cut his first two teeth. Within days of each other both of his bottom teeth poked through. It has been kind of nice to not have to worry about a teething baby until now (seeing as he's almost ten months old). But the severe diaper rash, snotty nose, and chewing on everything kind of gave me the idea that we were in for some teeth pretty soon. Now that they're finally through things are a little more at ease in our lives. He's still the cutest stinkin' baby ever!!! I can't tell you what a blessing he is in our lives. He still doesn't "speak" but he has a whole lot to say. He's always making some sort of noise and he usually has some sort of facial expression to go with it! He's too funny. And he makes this evil laugh when he's playing with toys, too. It's pretty funny. I'm still working on a video of that. He's still crawling all over the place and pulling himself up on everything. He knows how to squat but is still reluctant to let go of things and stand on his own. Oh, and he figured out how to open the cabinets (drive me nuts!!!) and pull out anything he can find.

Next Wednesday, Bentley and I will be venturing into the air for the first time together. We are both really bummed that Daddy isn't coming, but he's got school and work, so we'll have to survive. We're flying out to the Lou to see my family. My mom hasn't seen Bentley since she was here for his birth and my dad has never met him so we're pretty excited to go spend a week with Nana Boop and Grandpa Charlie. And we also get to go to a Cards game while we're there!!! I haven't been to one in the new stadium yet and Bentley, of course, has never been to one. So we're pretty excited about that!

Last Saturday, Spencer and I officially put our house on the market for short sale. We're so upside down on our loan right now and, due to retarded bosses and the dumb economy, (and poor choices made previously in our lives) we can't afford our home anymore. So we're selling it. We have a really awesome agent and are really excited to get out of here. The sad thing, though, is that our house is currently on the market for $50,000 less than what we bought it for. Sad to realize how much the market has gone down, but good for whoever wants to buy our house, though, I guess. So if anyone knows of anyone in the Boise area who needs a good starter home in an awesome neighborhood, let me know!

Earlier this month I started working part-time again. I work in the Kid's Club at Gold's Gym. It's nice because I can bring Bentley with me and I get a free membership. I've really been struggling with wanting to lose the weight I gained after marriage and a baby so it's nice to be in that environment and be able to work out in a good facility for free. Bentley loves to be around all the toys and the other kids and everyone there comments on how great of a baby he is. Which is so true, he's just so agreeable. I love it!
And now on to the biggest news of all. Oh, but before that, just fyi, Spencer start school last month and is doing great and I am so proud of him!! He's got class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and six Friday nights throughout the semester. He's kind of stressed sometimes with full-time work and full-time school, but he's able to get everything done and still be happy at home. Now, back to that news. Spencer has been trying to figure out a way that he can better provide for our family lately and has been going back to the same idea over and over. So we did a little more research into it and it turns out that it really is a great plan for our family (if things work out exactly as we want them to). Right now, at this very moment, Spencer is in the middle of a physical for the military. He is going to be joining the Idaho National Guard. Because of his heart issue that he had when he was younger, we've been struggling to get things going as quickly as we would like them to, but things are actually heading in a much better direction now because of that. If he passes his physical today, he will either do so with a medical waiver or without. We are hoping that he does so without. If he gets a medical waiver then he has to go to Basic Training before December 1, which would mean he might miss Bentley's birthday and would have to leave school early. If he doesn't get a medical waiver, he can go anytime within 12 months of his signing date. After passing this physical, however, he still has another test he needs to take because of the job he wants to do. Spencer wants to go into communications and learn Arabic (most likely) which means he has to take a test to determine how well he can learn foreign languages. Once he passes that test, he's good to go for the job he wants. Which means some pretty big changes in our lives here pretty soon.

If all works out like we want it to, Spencer would finish out this semester of school, ship to Basic in January, get home around March and shortly thereafter, we would all move to Monterey, California for at least a year and a half. That's where Spencer would be learning his language. Bentley and I would pretty much just live on the beach!!! After that, Spencer would go to his advanced training while Bentley and I come back to Boise. When all is said and done, Spencer's training would take a few years, but he would finish with nearly an Associates Degree in Arabic Studies and enough qualifications to work for any government or private agency making a lot more money than he would as a high school history teacher. Also, with this particular job, if Spencer ever has to go overseas, he in the safest place anyone could ever be. His job is so important that he would be protected far more than most. So, we're actually really excited about this and hope all works out like we want it.

So that's what's going on in the lives of the Farnsworth family. Sorry to keep everyone in the dark for so long. But any prayers we can get from anyone would be much appreciated!!!!

And of course...here's a picture for your viewing pleasure.

Have a happy day!!!!


Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

sounds like a lot of changes ahead!! My husband is in the Air National Guard in Ohio. He works on the F-16's as a mechanic. He does the one weekend a months thing that all National guardsmen do, but then he also has a full time job working on the same base getting paid as a civilian. So, that's a thought for you as well. It's excellent pay and awesome health benefits. Oh...and if you can't remember me...that's okay... maiden name was Godwin and I roomed with KD and jana in American manor a long time ago! Or at least if feels like a long time ago. Good luck with everything!

Michael and Rachel said...

Wow! Good luck with all the new things going on. I will definitely be praying for it to all go well. Love you Errca!

Wendy Jensen said...

It can be tough but I promise things do work out for the best. God bless you.

Wendy Hegerhorst said...

Thinking of you and have a fingers crossed!