Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here you go....

So I've been told lately that I need to update my blog and I keep thinking that there's nothing really to say except more about Bentley and what he's been up to. I have videos and pictures that are still on the camera and need to be put on the computer but I'm just too lazy to do that right now. And Bentley has been such a horrible napper lately that I'm struggling to find time to blog. So here's an entry...as short as it may be.

An update on Big B: He's crawling now. Officially. He's been army crawling for about three weeks now and Sunday he finally got up on his hands and knees and has been moving around that way. Which apparently is so much easier for him because now he's exploring new places in the house, including the kitchen and the bathroom. He's obsessed with getting to Lola's food bowl, so that has been living on the counter unless he's asleep. Poor Lola. Oh, and he's been chasing her around and trying to get to her toys, which is disgusting. He pulled himself up to standing on the couch today. I didn't really even notice until he fell backwards and I had to catch his so he didn't hit his head on one of his toys. He's been in to everything lately. He'll find any paper product he can to just rip apart and put in his mounth. He tries to chew on shoes, remotes, cell phones, my hair...anything. He got himself stuck in the corner the other day behind the couch trying to find something to chew on. At least he still has no teeth, though, so I don't have to worry about teeth marks on everything. He's been exploring more and more foods lately and loves to eat bananas like the big kids, just taking pieces instead of eating it smashed with a spoon. He's getting more and more personality everyday and loves to babble...although he's yet to say anything significant and he refuses to immitate. Spencer says he's just like his mother and will learn to do things when he feels like it and without help from anyone else.

Bentley's been to the pool a few times this summer and loves the water. He kicks and splashes and eventually falls asleep in the pool. It's too cute. He has also taken a few roadtrips in the past few months and has done really well. We try to leave after lunch so he can just have a bottle in the car and then eat when we get there. It has worked fairly well, although he gets really bored and eventually screams himself to sleep. OH, and he's learned how to wistle. I know, I know....but seriously. He sticks his tounge out and curls it, purses his lips around it and blows and it wistles. CRAZY!!!

Anyway, Spencer and I are doing okay. He starts school at BSU in the fall and I'm working on a few things on my end (I'll update if anything works out). But for now, I'm going to take a shower since Bentley is still napping. Have a happy day!!!!


Anonymous said...

yay for growing up! sorry to have pestered you about your blog, but still happy you updated. that is so exciting that he is crawling. has he started teething at all? i had to double check that you weren't talking about Lola when you saide he chews on everything. lol.

Me and My Family said...

yeah for you! They grow up so fast don't they? We need to get in touch more. I loved reading your updates. Take care and love you girl!